Eduardo Urbina: Coach 
Jay Marien: Head Coach


As a coach at 978, I take great pride in providing a friendly, safe and nurturing environment where our clients can learn and apply methodologies designed to improve their overall quality of life. I maintain a passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach beyond their limits. Being heavily vested in health and fitness for the past 20 years I have tried a wide variety of training techniques and CrossFit stands out as the most effective at not only building a strong and healthy sense of self, but also building strong healthy relationships with a host of amazing people from all ages and walks of life.

Nick Kraszyk: Coach 


I started CrossFit without knowing or understanding what it was. I remember thinking “I don’t know how these athletes are this big, this fast and can move for such a long period of time!” That was enough for me to try it. One week was enough, I was in. It was a very good fit. I had a background in Powerlifting and competitive soccer, so I thought the transition into CrossFit would be easier for me... I was wrong. What I truly love about CrossFit, especially at 978, is workouts can still kick your butt regardless of how long you’ve been doing it. I get some pumped up to help people polish their techniques to move better, especially in all major lifts. Seeing someone PR a weight they never thought they could do is one of the absolute best feelings a coach could have, and I get to see it all the time in our four walls!

Pat Burack: Coach 


It only took one class for me to get hooked on crossfit. The combination of the physical challenge, the community feel, and the sense of accomplishment after a workout are just a few of the many reasons why I love it. Crossfit is a training method that is inclusive and rewarding to both elite athletes and the average person just trying to get in shape. Crossfit bills itself as functional fitness for everyday life, and that stands true, working in construction is a physically demanding job, and since starting at Crossfit 978 I no longer have aches and pains from my job.There is no doubt that the training methodology works, the results are on display every day in the gym, our members will tell you about weight loss, increased strength and mobility, and an overall better quality of life. But more importantly than that is the community; members and coaches hold each other accountable, share in the excitement of each other's victories, and pick each other up when we are down. It is this sense of community that drove me toward coaching. Encouraging and watching other people succeed is just as satisfying as accomplishing things on my own. I love helping fellow members improve, teaching them new skills, and believing in them even when they don't believe in themselves. As a coach I am invested in all of our athletes, and love seeing them succeed, it is the most rewarding part of coaching. 

Katie Quinn: Coach 


For as long as I can remember I’ve always been active, it is my solace. Growing up I thrived on trying to keep up with the boys in the neighborhood and in gym class. Though that wasn’t enough I wanted a different challenge, so after much convincing I was finally able to get my parents to sign me up for all star cheerleading. From day one I was hooked, but after years of being on multiple teams I burnt myself out and retired my uniform. 

After many years of not being in an actual sport I craved a challenge, so I decided to finally confront my fears of gyms. I found a gym in 2012 with group classes and I began to run, but that didn’t suffice. I needed another challenge so I signed up for a Tough Mudder in June 2013. My goal was to cross the monkey bars, but to my dismay I was unable to meet that goal at that time. So instead of giving up I signed up for the following year and set the same goal. To accomplish this I knew I needed to hang up my running shoes and try to get strong. I had a few friends that swore by Crossfit, so I decided to give it a fair chance. In July 2013 I took my first class at 978 and haven’t looked back. 

My favorite thing about Crossfit is at the end of the day it is what you want it to be and the camaraderie/support within the community helps you to have belief in yourself both within the gym walls and personally outside of those walls. In 2012 within 5 months of each other I lost my mom and a very close friend. It’s safe to say I was not in the right state of mind during that time and I somehow lost that belief/confidence in myself. I’m beyond thankful for Crossfit because it has shown me in a multitude of ways that if you’re persistent you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Since February 2017 I’ve been coaching and every day since then it’s the best part of my day. I thrive on seeing members achieve their goals and overall live a healthy balanced lifestyle. I’m lucky to get to call myself a coach.